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Friday, May 25, 2007

Fisrt Order!

Pheww!!! last night was really a 'GILA' job.

I manage to finish my first order with help from my sister Kak Ain "Thanks Sis"

Kak Noor my sister she order 108 pcs! Ya! with short notice... (bummer)

I start baking at 6p.m till 1.30 in the morning. Thanks to my mum also for helping me to look after my son.

Kak Noor she order 50 pcs Moist Choc Cake with buttercream icing, 40 pcs Golden Vanilla Cake with buttercream icing and plain Banana Cake, for her school party today.

But the sad thing is I can't snap a photo of my cupcakes, camera have a technical problem (bummer).

Takpa lain kali cuba sedaya mungkin utk amik gambor.

p/s: To Kak Nor Thank You next time order some more..muuuahahahaha!!!

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