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Monday, March 2, 2009

Projek minggu lepas dan sebelumnya.

Projek yg baru sempat nak load gambarnya.
Cuppies order by Zulia from Wangsa Maju she request cuppies with white n pink color. Thank

Extra Cuppies yg dibuat fast sale! Alhamdullilah sebelum tengahari dah lepas.Thank you.

Fourless choc cake diorder oleh Aslina from Baker. Thank you.
Cuppies coklat S saiz ordered by my cousin Farah, dia nak setiap cuppies ditulis dgn huruf. Thank you.
Moist Choc Cake ordered by Farah my cousin. Thank you.

Rich Moist Choc Cake order by Zulia from Wangsa Maju, repeat order actually. She ordered cuppies before. Thanks a million for the support.

Marble Choc Cheese cake order by lilian fom Sri Garden School. Thank you.

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